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Laura Wolff''s Photography

   This page shows some of the photogaphs I've taken as a child through adulthood. I love photography! I originally learned photography in High School then went onto study more in college. I learned how to develope negatives & enalrge negatives to print on film. I learned to take photographs from a pin hole camera we made to a 35mm manual camera I was lucky enough to buy. We didn't have these incredible phones & cameras that were digital. Now, in the present, I am throughly enjoying the indulgance of having an awesome camera on my cell phone. All of these pictures were taken by me. Some developed by myself also. Of course the digital photos are all done with the aid of a computer. Photography will always be a great love of mine. An inspiration of mine, as always, is Ansel Adams. What's interesting about Ansel Adams is he wasn't just a photographer he also was an environmentalist. His goal was to preserve our Parks and save nature so we could always have the pleasure of seeing it ourselves. Try google for more detailed information.  

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