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Art has always inspired me. Looking at the world is an inspiration to me. The beauty of a simple tree standing all alone with its branches reaching towards the sun is a work of art! How could anyone capture such beauty? That is what art is all about. Trying to help others see what we see. To help you see the beauty that I see. Growing as a person I came to realize others see this too. I think they just don't know to express it or wonder about how to express it. I hope you enjoy these incredibly gifted artist! I love them all! Love so many others too! Cinemtagrohpy & film is another form of art, entertaining as well, that I love. Even ads created for companies are incredibly humorous. Many other artists are inspiring. I can't ever express their magnitude here. Art is not subjective, its just another way to entertain! Entertainment makes life enjoyable. I know all these artists would love that you are entertained through me. Though not just entertained but inspired to imagine more than you could dream. We, artists, hope you all dream & imagine! Never stop dreaming!

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